Going back to work while grieving

"‘(...) Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg is transitioning back to work, after her husband died May 1 in a tragic treadmill accident. She will begin by working at the office just during the hours when her children are at school and will not be traveling for the foreseeable future, the company confirmed. Her decision to return was based on "advice from child psychologists who suggested that kids often benefit by trying to get back to typical routines quickly," according to a report by Kara Swisher of Re/Code. (...)"

"So what does that really mean, especially for employees who don't have much leave or vacation time saved up? Both Elliott and Sladek said nothing is typical when it comes to the unexpected death of a child or a spouse, as Sandberg experienced. They've seen employers cover anything from an extra week to several months. In these difficult circumstances, they also have seen companies at times grant leaves of absence or have employees go on short-term disability if they're experiencing depression or anxiety."

"What is effective for each person can't be measured," said Russell Friedman, the executive director of the Grief Recovery Institute, a nonprofit that offers grief seminars and trainings for grief counselors. "The real key for organizations is to have their managers just be more human."

Jena McGregor: 'On Leadership. Going back to work while grieving'. The Wahsington Post, 12 mei 2015