the Effect of Change Initiated from Outside

Stability, Conservatism and the Effect of Change Initiated from Outside

“The transition involves personal loss. It is accompanied by a form of bereavement that embraces all members of the learning community, albeit in different degrees. Bereavement is the result of irretrievable loss of familiar relationships, meanings and conventions. It involves grief and mourning.

Curiously, although individual and group grief is a normal part of reorganisation, there is virtually no reference to it in reorganisation literature. […]

We tend to think of grief only as a reaction to death [but] such a tendency detracts from a broader understanding of this emotion… Equally so is grief the reaction to the loss or passing of everything – event, person or whatever – that we value.

Why, then, is grief associated with reorganisation so hurtful? […]

Unlike the mourning that accompanies the death of a relative or a friend, the grief accompanying change is not supported bij custom, is not rendered accessible. Whilst the mourn for one’s deceased relatives is socially acceptable and indeed a clearly articulated and spelt out form of behaviour, to mourn for the loss of oneself is an alien, unsupported grief.”

Hoofdstuk (blz. 119) uit: Educative leadership: a practical theory for new administrators and managers, auteur P. A. Duignan, Taylor & Francis, 1992.